eBay Business by Joseph T. Sinclair

ebay book

I had decided to get rid of some of the stuff in our spare room that was surplus to requirements.  I considered various of the sale sites, but if ever a company could be described as the “800-pound gorilla” of its industry, eBay is just that.  In the exploding world of online auctions eBay seems to be the most comprehensive. However, it has more than 50 million registered users and almost US $15 billion in annual merchandise sales,it is too easy on eBay is getting lumped in with all the other sellers.

I was looking to  increase my visibility and potential profit so I picked up this book at the local library and hoped it would help.  I thought eBay the Smart Way, the definitive guide to smarter eBay tactics might give me ideas to improve my sales.   The book is now in its third edition, and has certainly changed with the times to cover the latest trends.

I thought it was a pretty decent read for the given topic.   It had a some tips and tricks on what to say and what not to say as well as things like how to take the best pictures.  However, it was not anything that was unusual, fresh, or exciting but if you are into eBay or thinking about trying out eBay then this book is definitely worth a look as you get started.  I am certainly glad I read it and would recommend it.




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