Absolute Proof by Stephen Frey

I cannot remember how I came across this book, however, the plot sounded great, a film comes to light of the man shooting from the grassy knoll.  The story attracted me as it draws from much of the controversy surrounding the Kennedy assassination.


The story starts when Cole Egan’s estranged father dies, leaving Cole the key to a safety deposit box. Inside the box Cole finds a videotape of the JFK assassination – filmed from the other side of Dealey Plaza. The tape offers absolute proof that Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone, if, indeed, he acted at all.

The book is an easy read and sustained me for the length of a train journey to London.  However, I did find myself rather disappointed.   The hero was saved so many times at the last minute it was totally unbelievable.  I think it unlikely that I will look for more books by this author, Stephen Frey, although he is a best-selling author who writes novels set in the financial world. He is a managing director at a private equity firm, and lives Florida with his wife and daughters.



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  1. This book was a disappointment to me


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