The Adultery Club by Tess Stimson

I would not say The Adultery Club was the best book I have read in my life. It is by Tess Stimson and I just borrowed it from the library because I needed something to read in the evening.  I was looking for something light and easy to read.  However, as it turned out, this was not so light to read.

This book tells of circumstances known to a lot of people.  The husband is having an affair.  His mistress thinks she is in control and both of them are in just for a fun ride, however sweet turns sour, as feelings develop.   The author tells the story from viewpoints of all individuals involved and there are loads of erotic moments which gives a story bit of an edge .


There is a wife, a husband, a mistress.

Life could not be happier for Nicholas Lyon, a divorce lawyer and the adoring husband of Mal, a successful cookery writer.   She combines working from a comfortable home in Wiltshire with being mother to their three gorgeous daughters.  However,  Sara Kaplan a bright, vivacious young lawyer, explodes into his life like a sexual hand grenade.

Nicholas is stunned and horrified by the extent of his attraction to her.  However, whilst the chemistry between them is palpable, it takes catastrophic events to force him to recognize his own mortality and throw caution to the wind.   For Sara, what started as a harmless fling swiftly deepens into a painful battle for Nicholas’s heart.   Then Mal, who is not quite as preoccupied in her world of food and school runs as Nicholas had believed, faces temptations of her own.  She realizes she has to decide what she wants: and whether it is worth fighting for.

The Adultery Club is an irresistible story of the perfectly balanced eternal triangle which no-one wants to be part of, but neither can they easily break away. This book was more meaty than I had anticipated.  It was an interesting read but do not read it if you feel vulnerable about your relationship! As a light read, I recommend this The Adultery Club.



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