Perfectly Correct by Philipa Gregory

pgI most associate Phillipa Gregory with historical novels so  this book really surprised me.  It is nothing like the very popular historic books by this author.  I borrowed Perfectly Correct from the library and started reading it thinking that it was another rather indulgent story about university lecturers and their lives, dropping in rather pretentious ‘in jokes’.  However I am glad I persevered with it as it is a nice story.  I enjoyed the ending of the book.

It is quite a witty tale of modern manners, happily suggesting that PC is not the only way to be.

book 2Dr Louise Case has a good career, a fine country cottage and a commitment-free relationship with a fellow academic.  According to today’s mores, it all seems perfectly correct.  Louise begins to suspect that it’s far from perfect. Then along comes her neighbour, Rose, eighty if she’s a day.  She effortlessly disrupts everything.   Soon both Louise’s life is in chaos, while the old lady commences to set her own house, which is a decrepit old van,  in order.   This includes an unthinkably traditional role for Louise.

This book is an easy read and will not test your intellect, although parts of it might test your patience.  It was a nice enough book but Perfectly Correct was not a great favourite of mine.


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