Blood Red Roses by Lin Anderson


I read this book as a quick reads edition.  I needed to get through it quickly because Lin Anderson was coming to speak to the group of students on my Post-Graduate Creative Writing Class.  She was delightful and very open.  She took time to answer all our questions about whether to use a pen name, whether or not to have an agent and the importance of good editing.

This book is Lin Anderson’s prequel to Driftnet which I have also reviewed here at  The edition of Blood Red Roses I read very short.

The story is about a hen night in Glasgow, Scotland which leaves a bride-to-be dead on a toilet floor. Her body is twisted, her face a mask of terror.  Dr Rhona MacLeod and her team are called in help solve the crime and to find out who would kill a young woman on the night before her wedding. As they go through the evidence, they find themselves in a world where sex is bought and sold: more violent death and murder is lying in wait.lin

However, I did not particularly enjoy the book: perhaps this was because it was an abbreviated version.  I did not find the story sufficiently complex.  However, I was in the minority.  Most people on the course really did enjoy it tremendously.


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