Forget Me Not by Mandasue Heller

This was the first book I have read by Mandasue Heller, although I have since read others. Two Faced is also reviewed on this site:  The mandasue hauthor was recommended to me by my friend, Amanda.

Forget Me Not is about a killer who is targeting prostitutes. He murders them and places forget me nots on their mutilated body. The area of Manchester, England known as Westy Lane is the hunting ground for the killer. Lisa Noone, twelve years old and wise beyond her years, lives too near the lane and her mother Pat, is a member of the oldest profession in the book. Their lives are far from perfect, but they believe they will always have each other.  The book focuses largely on Lisa and Pat. It focusses much more on their storyline rather than on the police investigations.

Lisa has a cocky arrogance about her but does worry about her mum.  One night after arguing with her best friend Lisa meets a man who seems completely smitten with her but does seem to know a lot about her. Benny is 20 and she is only 12 so her friends do not believe she can be telling the truth when she reports it to them. Benny is tall dark, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen but Benny is not all he seems.  While Lisa savours true love, Benny wants more from her than she will ever know.

ImageThis is a good story and builds up the characters really well.  I will read more by this author. She writes exciting crime thrillers, a genre I enjoy.


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